Photography has always been a passion of mine, and around 12 years ago I got my hand on my first DSLR, Canon 30d. As you can imagine I was over the moon and thought I could tackle anything, looking for inspirational photographers and images,  I was clearly wrong about being able to tackle anything, now it was more 'I want to be able to take images like that!'


Yes the camera went everywhere with me! Started taking photos and realised how bad I actually was! I was so determined I looked into joining camera clubs and getting to know people who have the same interest. Sure I met some people that did it as a hobby and it was just to get them out for the evening, but I also met some photographers who were very artistic. Most professional photographers  won't give secrets away (and why would they?!). As I was so determined I used my camera in every single mode to find out what it did, I moved onto the menus with filters, white balance and so on. I made note of what everything did and started to shoot subjects using these settings, slowly my photography was getting much better. I then moved onto flash and studio lighting, (still going to camera club evenings), using a light meter for all my photography. Now spending money was a must... as I was so excited with moving forward!


People started to notice my photography! So being asked to shoot some portraits  and a few weddings was a great honour. I made it clear to everyone that this was just my hobby and that I wasn't a pro wedding photographer. But the more i did and the more i got to know my camera and flashes, this slowly became a job.


Now it got to the point where I was the inspiration to others, and people started asking me... 'oh I love that image you did, how did you do it?' And me being me was happy to help as always.


I felt this was now the time to open up my own studio (Hampson Street Studio), I started to run my own camera club. Sure I'm doing many weddings throughout the year and family portrait sittings, but I thought it was time to help others that had the passion I do, so the workshops and training began!


I also wanted to shoot overseas, so this was another thing I looked into, I now arrange photography trips around the country and overseas too, these are amazing and you get to have fun with like minded people, private villas with Barbecues and Drinks!!


Please take a look at my Testimonials, take a look at the workshops or studio days I have lined up. Let me help you become that photographer you want to be. I will help you all the way!


Thanks for reading and I wish you well.