Algarve 2024     4th-10th September



Would you like to shoot in the sun every day at a private villa, and amazing beaches? The Algarve trip is just what you need! Want to see some previous year's trips first? Then sit back and watch the videos


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A full list of details are below!

2024 models updated soon    

                                 Pebbles   Antonia Jay     Darcie Louise     Louisa Lu     Natasha     Bethany                                          


Let's start with the villa..  This is located in the heart of the Algarve, close to the beach and towns and set in the perfect location. This year we have a new villa, this is the ultimate place, the villa is in its own private grounds and we have our own private pool too. It can accommodate more than enough people and is all twin rooms so you won't have to cuddle me at night. The villa is worth £8 million and has 14 bedrooms and absolutly stunning.




Wednesday... Everyone will arrive at the villa, Transport will be waiting at Faro Airport for your arrival (yes all paid for) this will bring you directly to the villa. Drinks will be waiting for you, this could be a brew, a beer, a wine or what ever takes your fancy. So lets get the bbq lit, unpack your things and lets get to know each other.


Thursday... It’s hit the beach day, we will start around mid day but stop for a break around 3.30pm we will then shoot through until sunset which is quite early in the algarve, around 7.30pm. We’ll then head back to the villa, get changed and head out to a local restaurant.


Friday... After the day at the beach lets relax a little more and shoot around the villa, opportunities are endless here, shoot some swimwear around the pool, shoot on the balcony or even some boudoir in and around the villa. We will have lunch at the villa during the day, but in the evening lets go out for a Chinese!!


Saturday... Let's head into town and shoot some Fashion. We aim to be in town to shoot at 10am, the meet point will be where we also grab some lunch, lunch is at 1pm then we aim to finish shooting around 5-5.30pm. We can then stay in the town for some food before heading back to the villa for a few drinks!


Sunday... Derelict building, waste land day.  Again we aim to start at 10am and shoot straight through until around 3pm and head back to the villa for some lunch, all places are within walking distance of the villa, but then lets head out for the most amazing 'Steak Night', get your glad rags on and head into town for a few drinks and see the town come to life. 


Monday... It’s a day to relax, finish off shooting around the villa with ideas you may have missed and pack ready to leave on the Monday, but lets not finish just yet, lets get spaghetti bolognese on the go and we cant forget the garlic bread too.


How far from Faro are we? The villa is around a 40 minute drive so its not far at all.


What levels do the models work to?  Some models will work upto Art nude but the general, fashion, swimwear, lingerie is no problem at all for all the girls, please do not push levels and treat them with respect at all times.


How will the days be run? We have times set for each day that we stick to as much as we can. Each day people will be split into groups, this isn't to group shoot, this is so we have eyes in all directions for people passing and also for your own personal and models security. Hey and we all need a light stand holding at some point! But use your time to shoot what you want and choose your own bit of location, we don't want to come back with the same images!


So what do we get in total?

- 6 days and 6 nights at an amazing villa

- Private grounds and pool to shoot from

- Pick up and drop off to the airport

- 7 very experienced and versatile models. Models will be working Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie and some (not all) will work upto Art Nude

- Any help needed to create amazing images from myself

- Shooting up to 6 hrs a day

- Lots of locations to shoot that you don't need to search for

- Time to soak up the sun have a few drinks, chill out and use the free Wi-Fi to show off your images


God, this sounds amazing how much will it cost? You'll be surprised, you get all this for £1295 all you need to do is get yourself to Faro Airport! Bring your cameras and clothing, oh and the sun cream too!


Wow this price sounds too good to be true? No it is true, but yes as you may imagine this villa doens't come cheap at all, and all the models give us over £10,000 worth of time, I work a deal with the models for us all to give them 5 images each from each day, they are more than happy with this as they want some amazing images too. And hey... we all want to show our images off don't we?!


How do I get to Faro? Very easy, flights are pretty much everyday from most uk airports, in previous years people came from various places, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Stanstead even as far as Australia and Estonia etc and everyone found it easy. But if other airports are easier for you its no problem at all.


How do we all keep up to date with any info? Quite simple, I have a private facebook group that you will be invited to, only people going on the trip will be in this so feel free to post.


OMG Now this sounds amazing, how do I book?  Its very easy, all I need is a £250 booking fee (non refundable), this can be done over the phone, Bacs or why not call into my studio and see me. The rest can be paid anytime up until a month before the trip. (If you are unable to attend after this date full payment will still be required unless your place can be filled)


(This trip is limited to 13 photographers, so if you wish to come along get in touch right away so you don't miss out)


Lets make the 2024 trip amazing :) 

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