This was only my second event abroad, the other with only one model and first with Martin, so was apprehensive with the number of models involved.

From the moment I had booked, you were added to a group to feel right at ease with each other and to get simple questions out of the way even down to what gear to take or about the best steak you’ll ever have!

Its fair to say that the week was extremely well managed by Martin.

Our first night poured with rain, the only time during our stay, but didnt matter as there was plenty of Beer in the fridge and hot food. This was a great way to slowly introduce yourself to the rest of the group.

A great choice of models and lovely villa to work in and call home for a while combined with some great locations with alternations between hard and light days to allow energy levels to remain high.

Now a couple of comments about the organisers:

Martin is a genuinely nice all round bloke. He is up for banter giving as good as he gets and will work hard behind the scenes making sure models are looked after firstly and the rest of us as is appropriate.

Siobhan on the other hand is probably the best kind of person to have on these events. Always aware of what is going on behind the scenes and ensuring everyone is having a good time and can be relied on for advice abd a friendly chat. All this on top of modelling. I dont know how she had the energy!

Would i recommend this event, yes in short. You will get some great images and feel totally relaxed as well the combination of hard and light days helps in the sheer heat of the Algarve.

Thank you for a lovely time and aim to see you again next year.

Sharne Fairchild

What a trip Martin organised to the Algarve this year!

From the moment we were booked on (In my case as competition winner) he made you feel at home. His pre planning, social media group for all questions (No matter how stupid and i probably asked some stupid questions) and generally on the end of a phone to give advice.

When we landed Martin had the itinerary all planned out, the transfers were perfect and everything was just right. Beers in the fridge, BBQ for the opening night and even your welfare was considered. Martin was always on hand to talk to, vent at and even praise you when things went well.

All week it ran smoothly and professionally and like clockwork. Its the most organised trip ive probably been on but it felt so effortless and calmly planned, im sure under the surface it wasnt but thats the true professional in Martin.

The villa was phenomenal and i understand next years is even better! if you dont book this trip you are missing out big style! 100000% worth every penny you will spend, and thats the great thing about the trips, theyre such good value to combine both a photography trip and a holiday with such great people.

Sign me up again in a heart beat!

The images from the trip are some of my best work to date and its all because of the attention to detail Martin puts in to make it that way

100% recommend

Dave Massen

I went on Martin's holiday trip back in 2015 and considering it was his first it went pretty smoothly that I booked on this years adventure in the Algarve.

More models, bigger villa along with more to manage but it was great fun with some great images produced by myself and the others that attended.

Lots of different locations to shoot in, some different from the first trip as well which made it good.

The Villa was huge and great for shooting in and around so I would recommend anyone looking for an organised photo trip abroad to consider Martin in the future.


Anthony Dudley

Words will never be enough describe the gratitude I have for being picked for one of the trips to the Algarve and the amount of fun I had, honestly the best week of my life by far. I've come away with it with 20 odd friends for life, Martin  put so much effort into every trip and make sure everything runs smoothly.

From a models point of view, everyone was so respectful, no level pushing etc, everyone was just so lovely, we became one big family.

The pre-scouted locations were just beautiful, there's so many amazing images we've all come back with.

It isn't all go go go either, we have lots of down time and a couple of crazy bull-riding nights out.

Oh and the villa, just wow.. it will make you miserable coming back to rainy England to your semi-detached!!

The only bad thing I have to say is I'm now suffering with severe post-Algarve blues.. although it does soften the blow to know I'll be going back next year and I'm planning the outfits and counting the days already!

Ellie Hadleigh

I went on a photography holiday with Martin recently in Portugal with 18 of us in total five models and 12 photographers.

All of the models were great we all got on amazing couldn't of picked a better bunch honestly and the range of photographers and amount of people surprisingly all gelled very easily and we stayed in a super amazing villa I think with 15 bedrooms I think 18 people slept comfortably with rooms to spare. We had a games room a huge pool garage and lots of balcony spaces with a great location close to the centre.

Honestly I've travelled the world and stayed in some amazing places but I've never seen anything quite like it as a lovely little spot.

Martin was very professional with his organisation even with some slipups with Ryan air cancelling flights et cetera he managed to make sure everything was running smoothly regardless of what hic ups he came across.

We had a great team we created some great images at some great spots I would highly recommend the whole team and the trip was great fun.

Victoria Hendry

I was lucky enough to be a part of the photography trip to Portugal and what an experience! It was the most amazing trip and I had so much fun.

Martin  planned the trip down to a T and the effort that they put into organising this is incredible! All the models and photographers that were on the trip were all really lovely and respectful and the week was so much fun.

The shoot days were well organised and the shots I've seen so far look amazing!!! Couldn't recommend this trip enough!

Thanks so much xx

Hannah Foster

Where do I start I’ve known Martin a good few years now and this was the 2nd Holiday I’ve been on with them.. I can highly recommend these holiday to anyone...

The choice of models was spot on and the photographers that came on the trip as well were friendly.

Great choice for the beach shoot. The villa shoot was good... I didn’t shoot for 2 days as I had a bad back and everyone around were concerned and helpful....

I’m going again in 2020 looking forward to shooting with some new models and meeting more new people....

Thank you


Colin Cousins

BAYLUXE was very lucky to join Martin on the trip to the Algarve and what an AMAZING trip it was. Martin who organised the trip are is really lovely, organised and helpful.

The trip was planned perfectly, models and photographers sourced accordingly, accommodation was absolutely incredible and the photoshoot days that were planned were amazing. They really do think about everything! The models and photographers were well looked after by Martin and Siobhan and everyone had a fantastic time!

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of the trip and for putting up with us running around for BTS pics ha-ha.


Baylux (swimwear brand)

I was asked last year if I would like to attend a photo shoot in the Algarve and I couldn’t believe it I was so excited! Communication was amazing from the get go, as you can imagine travelling abroad to work with people you’ve never met can be quite daunting, but it was so well organized and information was clear from the get go making me feel so comfortable and excited. Everything was organised for us, from the transfers, the flights to the multimillion pound mansion!

All of the models on the trip were so lovely, everyone had different styles so it made it really fun and interesting to meet and work with all different types of models from all over the country.

Martin and pebbles did an amazing job organising the whole trip, we got to settle in the first day relaxing by the pool getting to know each other and then the next day the photographers joined us. All of the photographers were lovely and again all had different styles which made it interesting and able to learn something new every day. Every day was mapped out for us making it easy and enjoyable!

We all went out for dinner most nights and had a big night out on the last night! (Of course)

I got some amazing images, met some amazing people and learnt so much!

Kymberley Singleton

Photography Holidays?

Well it's all in the name!

I am privileged and delighted to be a regular model on Martins Photography Holidays, I enjoy every single second of every trip.

Martin ensures that all models are happy prior to, during the trip, and even after the trip. Myself, Martin and if the models stay in touch over the course of a few months running up to the trip, and Martin also sets up a group for everyone to be in so we can share ideas and our excitement leading up to the week of shooting.

The week overall is well organised, Martin ensures it runs as smooth as possible with each day planned out, from start times, to transport being organised to and from locations, to scouting beautiful locations, even down to booking restaurants for the evenings after a long but fun day shooting. Of course we all want to go and create amazing images, but it's a chance for some downtime too, relaxing in the sun, we go out for food as a family and we have a few cocktail nights and dancing too Smile

From when you arrive at the airport Martin arranges transport for you all to get to the villa, he greets you with smiles and a fridge full of beverages and a BBQ Smile the first day is a chance to get to know everybody and I can honestly say I called all of them became my Algarve family!

All of the images I have received so far are amazing and I cannot wait to receive the rest from everyone so I can share them all Smile


Siobhan Goodwin

Photography Holidays is the lets get out of this dull boring country and shoot somewhere warm and sunny adventure by photographer and general sound bloke Martin Newton.

Martins holidays are well run, organised and fantastic beyond description, so why such a long reference? His pained search for great models really pays off with amazing opportunities to capture some amazing images. For full disclosure this is my third photo adventure with Mr Newton and would I return if the results were not amazing, absolutely not. Just waiting for next payday to drop the deposit for the 2019 adventure.

The accommodation is proper wives of where-ever, a villa where my whole house would fit in the communal living space, surrounded by the 18 [I think] bedrooms. With pool and fabulous space to live for the week with the Albufeira Family. Rules are important and so is organisation. This is not a free for all chaotic holiday, but a scouted and experienced experience finely crafted for the maximum achievement of both models and photographers.

Right from the moment you land in Portugal, the experience starts with an organised transfer to the villa. An evening of getting to know your surroundings and meet the group. Ground rules are set and rooms allocated.

This is a work hard play hard (not too hard) holiday, lots of meals in cafes and restaurants, the 'steak-night' is a thing but Chinese night is not far behind.

The bottom line, great models, great images, great food, great company and more sun than those with less than Factor 50 have the tans to remind them.

This year we were privileged to work with seven models.

Martin does take the time to find appropriate locations and actually visits them prior to the groups arrival. It's a great privilege to be part of the Photography Holidays experience and it's now a 300 day plus wait for the next one.

Andrew Beckett

Andrew Beckett

I was over the moon to have been invited to Martins trip to the Algarve with 6 other stunning models! I was so excited as this was my first time on a photographic holiday. When I got there the models were very welcoming and we all got on like a house on fire which for me, being able to all get along was a very important aspect of the trip. We’re now like a family!

The trip overall was well organised, we all had a group chat at the beginning about rules and regulations and also about what to expect from the week ahead. All the photographers that attended were very welcoming too and was all a talented bunch who was passionate and enthusiastic. There were also a videographer there too! I felt very safe around everyone and got some outstanding pictures.

Obviously we went to get some amazing pictures in beautiful locations but the week had a healthy mix of work and play. We shot throughout the day but by the evening we went out for meals and even a night out which was so much fun and we had so many laughs!

The best week I’ve ever had I had the time of my life!

Thanks for having me!

Fay Noir

Fay Noir

I recently went to the Algarve, on Martin Newton’s trip along with 13 other photographers, and 7 models. From the start, we were like a small family and everyone got along brilliantly, both while shooting and during more relaxed social times

From the original booking, I was completely at ease. Martin communicates very well with every fine detail, and is quick to respond. You can literally ask him about anything. He is very accommodating, and makes special arrangements where required.

Upon arrival in Portugal, everyone knew where to meet and a car was waiting as Martin had said to take us to the villa, which would become home. This villa is outstanding, and from first getting there was made to feel welcome.

The days were planned in advance, everything from times to be ready to who’s shooting when, and transport, food etc. Everything has been thought through so no stress when over there. Martin runs this very well and I couldn’t recommend his abroad trips any higher.

Thanks Martin, I hope to come back in 2019

Graham Gilbert

Graham Gilbert

I attended the trip to Portugal as a model with martin this summer

And I have to say it was the best trip Iv ever been on from the bottom of my heart I was looked after very well felt so safe and had everything I needed

The extent martin goes to and planning is just amazing everyone is so looked after

Alll the models that came you couldn't if had a nicer bunch of people

and again for photographers

The villa was out of this world gorgeous in a great place

The plan each day was well set out clear and made sure everyone got what they came for

Everything ran smOothly and if there was a hic cup martin was on it and sorted it before anyone was even aware

If your a photographers

I would 100% reccomened this for you as you get so much variety

And a model again 100% your safe looked after around amazing people and will have a great time

Thankyou martin for finishing my summer off with many smiles

Kayla Louise

I went on Martin's Algarve trip for the 2nd year in a row....and what an awesome week we had. Martin spends so much time choosing the right models, scouting locations beforehand, organising transportation, planning the week's itinerary so that the whole week runs smoothly. The locations he chooses are awesome and I was very pleased with the images I got from the trip. And he's happy to offer advice if you need it.

Thanks for an unforgettable week Martin....AGAIN

Ron Harrison

Met Martin at the Photography Show at the NEC in March and having spoken to a couple of guys who had been on previous holidays arranged by Martin who were very positive about the whole experience, I booked in to this year's Algarve trip.

What can I say? The organisation was outstanding, the accommodation was fantastic, the models that he'd booked were brilliant, the locations were fab and everyone got along really well.

With 18 of us in the trip - 5 models & 13 photographers (inc Martin) there was plenty of shooting time & everyone came home with some awesome images.

Thank you Martin - highly recommended

Clive Gidney

I had a great time on Martin's 2017 Portugal trip, this was the second time I've been and I couldn't wait to go again! Martin is really friendly, he does a great job of helping everyone with travel arrangements etc and the shoot is well organised.

There are plenty of varied shooting at fabulous locations that Martin has scouted out in advance, and Martin is easy going and happy to give advice and make sure everyone is ok throughout the week. The villa we used was amazing, and is only a 5-10 minute walk to some lovely beaches. A fun trip, with time to relax as well as shoot. Highly recommended!

David Sutton

Photography holidays with Martin are quite spectacular. Martin actually goes to the trouble of scouting the locations prior to the trip. This is now my second trip with Photography Holidays and the level of detail and planning that Martin puts in really does mean a great week away shooting magnificent models in locations that just enhance the images that you are able to capture.

2017 was a step up form 2016, an 18 bedroom villa with pool and en-suite bathrooms not much more than 10 minutes walk from the closest beach (allegedly). 5 fantastic models, all I found hard to believe we'd managed to secure them for the trip and most of all a great bunch of guys and girl to shoot alongside.

Martins continued belief in my ability and the progress I've made whilst photographing alongside him amaze me - but I'm the kind of guy who is always analysing my own results and attempting to eliminate my own failings.

Thank you, Martin - the images are a testament to your planning and preparation. Thank you for caring enough to find the best possible models you could and the 10,000 emails to make sure they turned up. Thank you for the amazing locations and the villa of dreams you secured as our very posh base to work from and in.

Andrew Beckett

I've shot overseas on a number of occasions. But this was my first time going on an organised photography holiday

We stayed in a beautiful (huge) villa in the Algarve and on various days had the opportunity to also shoot the fantastic models Martin had arranged at the beach, in the old section of a nearby town, and in an abandoned building surrounded by wasteland.

I think my best recommendation is that I want to go and do it all again in 2018!

Kevin Pack

I'm relatively new to photography, and attended my first photography workshop with Martin. Being a newbie, I was a little nervous attending his lighting workshop. From the moment I met Martin, he put me at ease with a warm welcome. There were some very experienced photographers also in attendance who also made me feel very welcome. Martin knowledge of all aspects of photography is endless. I was very impressed in how Martin delivered his training. Martin has a hands on approach to his work, he explains and helps you to fully understand the how's & the why's, what works and what don't. His studio is well equipped and I loved his infinity white-wall. Tea & coffee and snack were plentiful. What I got out from attending this Six hour workshop is priceless. The photos I took on the day looked amazing and for once looked so professional, couldn't wait to show them off to family and friends. I can't wait to put into practice what Martin taught me. I know this training will take my work to the next level. I can't wait to attend another of Martin's workshop. The model was also very friendly and made everyone feel at ease and gave advice when taking shots. Thank you Martin you're a top bloke. Dave Gillespie

Dave Gillespie

I have now been on two, of martin’s workshops. His workshops are exceptional. Martin makes it easy for you to understand, the technical side of photography, while also helping you to improve your photography skills. If you want to improve your photography skills, then I would recommend, going on one of Martin’s workshops! Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

I attended a lighting workshop at Martins studio on Sunday. There were 6 hours of explaining how studio lights work along with model Pebbles who allowed everyone to photograph the resulting effects. Time flew over and I went home totally re-thinking light and it's effects. Dinner was even thrown in! Top class Martin, what's next?

Dave Gee

I have attended several of Martin's photography workshops: off-camera flash, studio lighting, and his wedding photography workshop. And I can honestly say my photography (and my confidence) has improved massively in all those areas. Martin is a great teacher and his courses are well structured, making it easy to learn for everyone. He's also very friendly, funny, down to earth, and is more than happy to answer your questions and offer advice. I also attended the 2016 Algarve trip, which I enjoyed so much that I have put my name down for 2017 too.

As a regular user of his studio and attendee of his club nights over the last few years I have got to know Martin pretty well, and he's not just a great mentor - he's a friend too.

Cheers for all your help Martin.

Ron Harrison

I have just attended a lighting course with Martin and it was bang on. You know when 9 people tell you something and it's just not going in your head and then there's that 10th person who explains it in a different way and it just makes sense... Martin is that man. Nothing is too silly to ask... Hands on and so helpful and clear. Fantastic. High recommended. I will defo be staying in touch and attending more course with Martin. If you haven't booked you really must!! 5*****

Hayley Tigerfly

I was one of the lucky photographers who got to go along on Martin's 2016 trip to the Algarve. The arrangements were well planned in advance of the shoot, with Martin providing plenty of help and assistance with flight bookings etc where required. It all went very smoothly - the villa was fantastic and Martin met us all on arrival and was very friendly and welcoming. He made sure that everyone had a good shoot throughout the weekend and was always helpful and on-hand for anything that people needed assistance with. A really fun week, highly recommended.

David Sutton

Well I felt very privileged to be asked to on a working modelling trip with Martin. Martin is absolutely hilarious, made me feel so comfortable. He is so easy to work with, and will sure be fun! He captures some seriously stunning work! I cant wait to see the pictures. Highly Recommend!

Jade Wallis

Martin kindly invited me to Algarve. Portugal to take part in one of his modelling events, so glad he did! His communication before the trip were great! Martin is very welcoming and friendly. He's also a pretty good photographer Smile

Would definitely work with Martin again and I look forward to seeing some of the finished images

Thanks Martin

Emma Cops

Visited Martins studio as part of a model 121 shoot.

I had never worked at Martins before so had no idea what to expect. Pre comms were great. Martin arrived early so I had chance to have a look round and come up with some ideas.

The studio was well laid out and well equipped but more importantly Martin was in the back ground to help move equipment, make sure I was using it properly or suggest the best way to achieve the idea I was trying to create.

Thanks Martin for your help, hope to visit again soon.

Defintley reccommend


I just want to leave a bit of feedback for the workshop we did on 19th July in Newquay. From the very start of the workshop we got into learning new things... from thinking about shadows and texture in a street scene, to metering and lighting, should the light require it. At all times we learned correct metering, how to guage the light, how to know when it was changing and the street photography proved interesting and creative.

Later, we did several themed beach shoots from n...atural light, to balanced ambient and flash work, in various parts of Lusty Glaze beach. It proved informative, fun and educational and I came away from the workshop, not only with some very funky images, but a better understanding of light and how and when to use flash to suppliment it.

I'm sure now that ( barring by occasional lapse of memory which is now legendary) I will be able to put what I learned into action and maybe take some images that will be fun to look at.

Martin takes workshops to a new level, he is not only your instructor, he really cares about the subject and WANTS you to learn. Its not just about the fee for the workshop, its about learning your craft and having a master craftsman teach it to you. I have been fortunate in not only knowing Martin as one of the best mates ever, but a great teacher and I owe him a lot for his time, his patience and his teaching.

Kenny Partington

A short review on Martin's recent workshop in Newquay:

I recently spent a day in Cornwall last week with Martin on a natural lighting and off camera flash workshop. We had a fantastic day and I'd thoroughly recommend to other photographers. The day was well planned and covered a variety of topics in detail. Martin is hugely knowledgeable, friendly and approachable at all times.

Thanks all!

James Webb

Martins relaxed and yet informative style of tuition guides you towards creating publication worthy images. The five photographers who attended were treated to warm cornish weather, eventually, and a through day of guided shooting with Siobhan Pebbles Goodwin being the chameleon model for the day.

The day started with some street fashion photography and relaxed beachwear, followed by lunch - when the sun decided to appear. great timing as we made our way down to the beach. Shooting with natural light and flash. Beachwear, sportswear and according to one irate female member of the public, a bikini, on a beach - I know, shocking.

Martin Newton has much experience and photographic knowledge and unlike most photographers is more than willing to share to guide you towards taking better images. His experience shows by how well he adapts to the environment to find the perfect picture.

A great weekend road trip from the northwest - a 'cool' gang of photographers to hang out with, a most excellent model to photograph and a whole bunch or re-inforced knowledge to push my photography and understanding of OCF on to a higher level.

Looking forward to the next opportunities to shoot under Martins guidance - if you want to progress your photography, Martin will get your photography moving in the right direction, especially if you feel your photography is standing still.

Andrew Beckett