The Ultimate Training


12 month intensive training (4 photographers only)


So things to cover..

Location shooting..
This will include at least 8 workshops, evening OCF, direction of natural light for fashion, bridal, weddings, kids, etc
OCF in daylight, this will be an 8hr day,
OCF in bright sunlight and hitting the beach for swimwear, bridal wear, kids, family.  Again another long day.
Are you going to use flash as a fill light or main light by looking at the location you’re in to decide.
How are we going to control the sun and natural light, are we using it as a hair light and more creative starburst, how do you use your flash to create this? Also what white balance and when for this?!

You will learing all about studio lighting, how modifiers work, using them in studio right through to advanced lighitng and using gels!

How to choose what location to use to get the best out of your images.
Also what lighting to use from dragging the shutter in natural light or when to use flash.

Using modifiers and when to use them, this will be covered in all workshops we do from studio to location.

How to use your flash/speed light correctly, do you know what it's capable of? How and when to use zoom, strobes and when to use manual or ttl?!
How to use all this lighting to become creative!

Shooting fashion to art nude on location, shooting in derelict buildings and making use of them fully.

Not only will you be doing plenty of location work but you will also become very familiar with studio lighting too, we will be covering all aspects of modifiers, how and when to use them too.

You will learn how to shoot and work with families, kids, pets, models, products etc..

Lighting will cover everything from high key, mid key, low key and pushing levels to become creative.

Working on composure, task being set for rule of thirds, leading lines, texture.

Shooting products for businesses and working with the client.

Post processing, this will be from everything from family portraits, weddings, working with models, wedding album design, everything you need to know!

Coming to a real Wedding with me (as individuals), learing how to control people, work with the bride and groom to get the best images from the day, how to help them plan the day and over come problems that may happen. Seeing the full Wedding right through to the finished probuct and album design.

Landscape shooting, looking at what's good to shoot and what isn't, going out and shooting as an artist looking at what would be good to see in a gallery. This we may do all together and put your walking shoes on. How to finish the image.

Products, what products do people want to see, what sells best and how do we up sell on these products

Finishing the images. We will be covering several workflow evenings, from each workshop I want each person to post at least 5 images, straight out of camera, and a processed image and I want you describe how you edited the image and why that way?! Your vision, I also want these images sent to me unedited also and I will do my version of edit to each image and sent them back to you. This way you will get to see how I finish my images. I can see progression in both your photography and processing.

You will be set task between every workshop.

Depending on where you're up to I may fit in other things to suit the individual as you may progress at different levels.

(This starts in April and finishes the end of March; you also get a full 12 months free studio membership when you sign up too. All students must be able to travel to the suggested locations)

If this training is for you then please feel free to get in touch for full terms and conditions